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Why Kittens Are Vaccinated Every 3 Weeks

Newborn kittens inherit maternal antibodies to common, but deadly diseases.  Unfortunately, this immunity decreases rapidly as the kitten ages.  At Countryside, we counteract the decrease in immunity with vaccinations every three weeks until the kitten is 20 weeks of age. This ensures that there is no gap in the kitten’s immunity.

Parasite Control In Kittens

In addition to vaccination, we’ll test and treat your kitten for intestinal parasites.  It is very common for adult cats to harbor dormant intestinal parasites inside their bodies that ‘wake up’ when the cat is pregnant.  The parasites migrate into the kittens even before they are born.  Testing identifies the parasite and the treatment we offer safely kills the parasites.  During your kitten’s visit with us, we’ll also look for signs of fleas.  Flea infestations in kittens can be serious because the parasites can drain too much blood from the kitten’s small body and cause them to be anemic.

Age 6-8 Weeks:

  • Feline Preventative Care Exam
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV combo virus test
  • Ear mite check
  • Microscopic stool check for parasites
  • De-worming schedule
  • 1st FVRCP vaccine
  • Begin Flea/Tick monthly preventive

 Age 10-12 Weeks:

  • Preventative Care Exam
  • 2nd FVRCP Vaccine
  • 1st Feline Leukemia vaccine
  • Continue Flea/Tick preventative

Age 14-16 Weeks:

  • Preventative Care Exam
  • Final FVRCP vaccine
  • Final Feline leukemia vaccine
  • One-year Rabies vaccine, tag & certificate
  • Continue Flea/Tick preventive

Spay or Neuter your kitten (Declaw procedures are also done at this time.)