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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Countryside Animal Hospital in Dundas, MN! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

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Dr. Caitlin Trebelhorn


Caitlin Trebelhorn, DVM, has been practicing at Countryside Animal Hospital since 2015. A Northfield native and graduate of Northfield High School, Dr. Trebelhorn completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire prior to obtaining her doctorate from the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (Alabama) in 2015.

During her veterinary training, Dr. Trebelhorn enjoyed working with both large and small animals. She completed an internship at the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, Minnesota where she treated small mammals, turtles, and various bird species; she continues to perform local triage for the Minnesota Raptor Center. While small animal medicine is her focus, she enjoys spending time with animals of all sizes and hopes to own a small hobby farm when she ‘grows up.’

Dr. Trebelhorn enjoys the daily challenges and variety of cases she encounters in veterinary medicine. Her primary interests include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, and preventative medicine. She enjoys the challenge of complicated cases and strives to provide the best medicine for all her patients. Dr. Trebelhorn is passionate about client communication and enjoys working with families and their pets through all life stages.

When not working as a veterinarian, Dr. Trebelhorn likes spending time with her daughter Tove, husband Brendon, and her three cats and dog. A self-proclaimed friend to pollinators and a fan of the mountains and the beach, Dr. Trebelhorn is an avid beekeeper, loves to hike, garden, and spend time with her large extended family.

Dr. Signe Wass


Born in Fargo and Raised in Underwood

Signe Wass, DVM has been practicing at Countryside since 2004. Born in Fargo and subsequently raised on a farm in Underwood, MN, Dr. Wass completed her undergraduate degree at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul. She obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota in 2001. She loves veterinary medicine and hopes to practice it her entire life.

Sheep, Chickens, Cats, Oh My!

Dr. Wass and her husband raise commercial sheep and Buff Orpington and Black Wyandotte layer hens. She also owns two indoor cats, Willie and Kate (great at catching mice, btw) and a Ragdoll cat named Oscar who is a beauty.

Customized Veterinary Care

Dr. Wass especially enjoys practicing feline and preventative medicine at Countryside Animal Hospital. One of her favorite parts of her job is customizing her medical approach to the individual animal and their environment. Whether it is a working/hunting dog, a therapy dog, an outdoor-always-mousing cat, Dr. Wass can tailor a medical treatment plan that meets everyone’s needs.

Fear Free Veterinary Visits are a Specialty

Dr. Wass is our go-to expert on how to keep cats calm during their veterinary visit, feline diabetes and dental disease in all pets. With the working dogs she sees at the practice, she focuses on affordable, smart ways to keep them healthy, feeling great and parasite free.

Additional Information

Dr. Wass enjoys her life on her hobby farm with her husband, Tim, who is also a veterinarian and professor at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Wass has two daughters, Solveigh and Svea.

Extracurricular activities include running, reading, gardening, and playing the piano. She also enjoys attending her daughters’ dance performances and watching them show sheep and chickens in 4H.

Dr. Dianne Rodman


Dr. Dianne received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Wisconsin. She enjoys getting to know owners and animals who come to the clinic. She enjoys working with dog and cat owners as part of a team to better the human animal bond through all life stages; by practicing preventative health, working through behavioral issues, working through medical, surgical, and dental issues as they arise, and providing comfort for our pets in their senior years.

She has had the opportunity to be loved by several dogs, cats, and rabbits. She is currently being herded by her steadfast border collie. When she is not in the office, she is spending time with her family and friends, probably outdoors somewhere hiking, camping, or traveling. She is never too far from a good book or a good meal. Dr. Dianne is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team here in Dundas!


Practice Manager - Veterinary Technician

She is a graduate of Northfield High School and the Minnesota School of Business in Shakopee where she graduated with an associate’s degree in veterinary technology.

Jess has been with the practice Since 2010 and loves it. She enjoys the ability to float between many jobs at Countryside…from her role as manager, to client care specialist, to her favorite, a certified nurse for the patients at Countryside.

Owns a young Golden Retriever (Gemini) and two senior pets: a Shih Tzu mix (Bella Luna), and a Chihuahua (Lilo).

Those of you that have senior pets should reach out to Jess for thoughts on senior wellness care, of which she is a big fan. She’s also a huge advocate for preventative dentistry.

Bella was diagnosed with urinary stones, which are currently managed with Royal Canin SO, a prescription diet formulated specifically for that medical condition.

When Lilo was first rescued, she suffered from a serious infection called a pyometra, a condition typically seen in dogs that are not spayed.

The good news is that under Jess’s supervision and Countryside’s care all of her pets are doing great.

Jess married her high school sweetheart and has 3 beautiful kids. She enjoys camping, spending quiet time in nature, and going on adventures with her family!


Veterinary Technician

Born in Duluth, Now Lives in Faribault

Brehanna, CVT, joined Countryside in February 2012. Born in Duluth, she and her family moved to Faribault when she was 7.

A Graduate of Globe University

Brehanna graduated from Globe University with an associate’s degree of applied sciences- veterinary technician. She is proud of the fact (and we are too) that she worked full time during her education and covered the cost of her schooling entirely by herself. It’s that kind of attitude that makes Brehanna a joy to know and to be around. She is a regular source of inspiration for our entire team.

After earning her degree in 2010, Brehanna worked briefly for Banfield before joining the Countryside team. Now, with more experience under her belt, she is considering certification in a specialty like physical therapy and rehabilitation for dogs and cats.

Owns a Labrador Mix and Two Domestic Shorthair Cats

Brehanna has a Labrador mix named Raider and 2 domestic short haired cats, Nugget and Grimmalkin. Raider recently had a cruciate repair done on his knee. The orthopedic surgery was done by Dr. Rich Lorang, Countryside’s medical director.

The Important of Heartworm Prevention

The veterinary services at Countryside that Brehanna is most passionate about are year-round flea, tick and heartworm prevention for dogs and cats. Brehanna has nursed several dogs with heartworm disease and witnessed first hand how hard the treatment is on everyone involved, so it’s important to her that clients understand the value of the medicine. She is also a big promoter of the vaccines we have to protect pets against leptospirosis and rabies.

When not working directly with our patients, Brehanna enjoys working in our in-house diagnostic laboratory where she tests blood samples and studies blood cell morphology. She also enjoys testing for parasites.

Brehanna has been married since 2014. She and her husband are expecting their first child in December of 2017.


Veterinary Technician

Resident of Lonsdale

Laura graduated from Minnesota State University in 1998, and then applied to and graduated from Argosy University in 2000 as a CVT. Laura joined the Countryside team as a veterinary assistant in 2011 and has been one of our star certified veterinary nurses ever since. She’s proud of her 19 years of experience in veterinary medicine and being considered one of the senior members of our team. She looks forward to many years to come. She enjoys training new team members, helping others to learn from her experience, and providing our patients with great care. She was born in Blue Earth, lived in Mankato and Eagan and now resides in Lonsdale

Cairn Terrier, Siamese Cat, and a Guinea Pig!

Laura has one dog, Quinn, A Cairn Terrier mix, one cat, Rue, a Siamese mix, and an adorable guinea pig named Clover. Rue, by the way, is another one of the great pets that was found and adopted out of the Countryside impound facility.

An Advocate for Affordable Veterinary Orthopedic Care

Laura enjoys being able to work with all the different types of animals, with a special interest in orthopedic and non-routine surgeries. In fact, she shares our pride in being able to offer many specialty surgeries that most veterinary clinics do not. She believes it’s a service that our clients want and a way to keep costs low. Laura is also a whiz at cat behavior questions, so if you have a cat that’s afraid to come to the vet or one that exhibits behavior that you are trying to understand or change, reach out to her.


Veterinary Technician

A Graduate of the Veterinary Technology Program at Rochester Community

Cindy, CVT, officially joined our team in September 2014. Many of you may know her from being our intern or from our kennel. She attended Rochester Community & Technical College where she graduated in May 2013 with an associates degree in veterinary technology. She passed her boards and became certified in July 2013.

While Cindy really likes her work at Countryside, she has her long term sights on a owning a cattle farm and further indulging her interest in owning a variety of animals.

Cindy owns one adorable, well behaved dog, Frank, an English Labrador- Golden Retriever.

Why You Should Have Your Pet’s Stool Tested For Parasites

Cindy is a big promoter of annual parasite testing. She reminds clients that parasites are easily transmitted in areas like public trails, back yards, dog parks and so forth. Families with young children should be especially careful to keep their dogs and cats on year-round parasite prevention.

Cindy grew up on a farm with two older siblings and two terrific parents. She enjoys giving her free time over to her family to help out with chores on the farm or simply reading or watching movies.


Veterinary Technician

Chrissy, CVT, has been with us since the fall of 2014 (at which time she was an intern) before she officially joined our team as a certified tech in August 2016.

In addition to being a graduate of Northfield High School, Chrissy boasts an associate’s degree from South Central College in Faribault (class of 2008), and an associate’s degree of applied sciences-veterinary technician from the Minnesota School of Business.

Chrissy lived in Northfield, Minnesota before spending time on the east coast with her husband while he was serving in the US Navy. After he completed his tour, they moved back to Northfield.

Chrissy and her husband have one dog and two cats. Skywalker, also known as Sky, is a beautiful golden retriever/lab mix named for the family’s passion for Star Wars. One of their two cats was rescued in Maine. As Chrissy puts it, “I walked into the Humane Society to be a volunteer and I adopted a cat!” Lastly her other cat, Squirt, was born in her parents’ home in 2005. Squirt is a domestic medium haired cat and has moved with Chrissy and her husband many times.

The veterinary services that Chrissy most endorses at Countryside are our cat and dog vaccines, especially the ones that protect against Leptospirosis and Rabies. She’s also has a great deal of interest in exotic pets including birds, reptiles and small mammals.

Her and her husband have been married since 2008 and have three children. In her spare time, the entire family enjoys camping, riding motorcycles and mountain biking.


Veterinary Technician


Veterinary Assistant & Social Media Manager

Hope has been with Countryside since 2021. She joined us as a receptionist and soon after transitioned into a veterinary assistant. She graduated from South Central College in 2020 with an Associates Degree in Multimedia Technology. Because of her background and experience, she has also become our Social Media Manager. Hope loves working hands-on with the animals that visit the clinic and enjoys constantly learning from her coworkers!

Hope grew up on a small hobby farm in Saint James, MN. There, she was often surrounded by the farm cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, and the occasional goat and pig! Her love for animals continues today with her own! Hope owns a 3 year old husky, Diesel, and a domestic dilute calico cat, Ivy, which she adopted from Countryside's impound.

When she is not busy at work she enjoys spending time with her family and her pets! She also loves photography, crafting, gardening, and snowmobiling!

Hope is passionate about making the veterinary experience a good one for all pets that come through our doors!


Veterinary Assistant

Lindsey graduated from Cannon Falls high-school in 2021 and is now attending Dakota County Technical College for Veterinary Technician. She is learning a lot at Countryside as an assistant and is excited for her future in veterinary medicine.

She has lived in Cannon Falls for most of her life and loves the area. She lives on a hobby farm with her 2 horses; a 20 yr old Quarter horse gelding named Wyatt and a 7 year old Thoroughbred mare named Rue. She also has 2 black domestic shorthair cats; Pip who she adopted as a stray from Countryside’s impound, and Bear who she found under her neighbors car hood!

When she’s not busy with school or work she enjoys horseback riding, swimming, working outside and bonfires with her friends!


Veterinary Receptionist & Assistant







Lori is a Northfield graduate She has a huge love of animals, and has grown up with them her entire life.

She is overjoyed to be able to love on your pets daily and looks forward to forming great relationships with the clients and their fur family members.

Lori has one dog, a Rat Terrier named Willow. Willow loves people, other dogs, car rides, walks, and the dog park.

In her spare time Lori enjoys spending time with her 4 adult children and her 9 grandchildren. She loves to attend their school events and do fun things together.

Lori's passion is to be a voice for the animals.