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Adopt a Pet In Northfield

Adopted pets can make a positive, life-long addition to your family.  Because Countryside Animal Hospital serves as our area’s impounding facility and treatment center, we often know of terrific cats and dogs that are up for adoption. Are you interested in speaking to us about adopting a pet? Call us now so that we can answer your questions.

What Kind of Pet Should I adopt?

Pets require attention, exercise, and some training.  Ask yourself how much time and willingness you have to invest in these areas.  Young, high-energy breeds will require at least an hour of vigorous exercise per day if they are to remain happy and non-destructive.  Puppies and young adults will require more training than mature dogs and all pets, except for the most reclusive cats, will seek out your attention and want to be petted.

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Are You Okay With Fur?

Do you have known allergies to dust or pet hair?  Most dogs and cats shed.  Even if you don’t allow your pets on your furniture, adding a dog or cat to your household will increase the amount of vacuuming and cleaning that you’ll need to do.  Pets with access to the outdoors can track mud into the house, odors, even things that they have killed!  If you don’t like cleaning or don’t have the time to clean, you are likely to be frustrated with your choice to adopt a pet.

Are You Prepared for the Expense of Pet Ownership?

Most adopted pets will already be spayed or neutered, but all (including cats!) will require annual veterinary care.  Annual care, along with year-round parasite prevention (recommended for pets living in our area), will cost roughly 350 dollars.  Additionally, expect to pay around 1-5 dollars per day to feed your pet, depending on its size with additional money required for things like cat litter, toys, and possibly clothing and bedding.  If you choose to board your pet, most facilities or pet sitters charge 10-30 dollars per day. Lastly, all dogs and cats require periodic professional teeth cleaning.  Expect to have your dog or cat’s mouth professionally cleaned 2-to-3 times in its life depending on its age and its size.  Preventative, routine teeth cleaning costs around 400-600 dollars while mouths with significant oral infection and dental disease can cost much more.

Will My Adopted Pet Get Along with My Other Pets?

Great question!  All adoption centers look for signs of aggression in animals, but despite their thorough screening, any addition to a family is likely to impact all members.  It is very common for existing cats in the household to act aggressively towards a new cat.  It’s also common for dogs and cats to urinate in the house when a new pet has been introduced as a way to assert control over their environment and to define their turf.  The team members at Countryside Veterinary Clinic will be able to help you acclimate your new pet to your house.

Introducing a New Cat To Your House
Introducing a New Dog To Your House

Adopting a Pet In Northfield and Dundas

Countryside Veterinary Hospital and other area adoption centers will have team members on hand to help you select the pet that’s right for your family and your lifestyle.  Remember that the pets that you see in a shelter are often distracted by the noisiness of the facility and, if they have recently arrived at the center, maybe anxious and confused.  When selecting a pet, ask to spend some alone time with him or her in a quiet area where you can watch the pet’s behavior.  Use a long leash on dogs and pay attention to how the animal behaves.  Does the dog keep the maximum length of the lead between the two of you?  Does the dog seem stiff or is he or she comfortably sniffing and exploring its surroundings?  Take your keys out and drop them.  How does the dog respond?  Finally, get down on the ground and invite the dog to come to you for petting.  Slowly try to embrace the dog.  What is the response like?  Be careful to stop if the dog shows any signs of aggression.

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There is no pass or fail with respect to the above, only indications about how much time you’ll have to spend with the dog to help him or her acclimate to your home and family.

Rescued Pets are Great!

Rescued pets are every bit as joyous, intelligent, trainable, and loving as a store-bought or pure-bred animal.  By adopting a dog or cat, you save a life and enrich your own.