Countryside Animal Hospital & Kennels provides compassionate, progressive care for your pets.  Our loyal pet owners can rely on Dr. Rich Lorang and Dr. Signe Wass to provide innovative solutions to difficult medical cases as well as the latest preventive care. Our care is exceptional because our staff is experienced and knowledgeable.  The whole staff regularly attends educational seminars to keep current on the ever changing world of veterinary medicine.

Countryside Animal Hospital is a window to a much larger world of specialized veterinary medicine.  We work with board certified specialists.

  • Internal medicine: We use our state of the art laboratory equipment to test urine and tissues for disease. Digital x-ray and ultrasound help us image the body.  If outside machines like MRI are needed the clinic has working referral systems in place to get what is needed for your pet.  The most useful aspect when diagnosing an internal problem is simply the Doctor's experience.  Dr. Lorang and Dr. Wass work as a team to diagnose problems of your animal and develop a plan for them to get better and stay better.
  • Surgery: Our doctors perform all the usual surgeries as well as orthopedics and some specialty surgery. Dr. Rich has even performed a surgery on a fish!
  • OB-GYN: Although most of our family pets are sterilized, we do have some breeders that need help and occasionally an accidental breeding requires assistance. We perform artificial insemination, ultrasound, and C-sections.  Most commonly, we evaluate the pregnancy to determine a delivery date.
  • Ophthalmology: Dog and cat eyes are very different than human eyes, but they still need attention. We have a state of the art tonometer to measure eye pressure.
  • Oncology: Cancer is as common in animals as humans.  We do perform surgery and chemotherapy treatments here in our clinic.  Along with our in-house care we also have access to specialists at The University of Minnesota for more specialized cases.

Our Services:

  • Ultrasound ~ Used to visualize and diagnose issues involving abdominal organs and pregnancy.
  • Laser ~ Advanced technology use in surgical procedures in place of a scalpel, minimizes pain, bleeding and swelling.
  • Dental Care ~ Ultrasonic dental machine to thoroughly clean teeth and under the gum line.  It helps to preserve the teeth and avoid infections.
  • EKG ~ Monitors the heart rhythm and rate.  Used for any cardiac patients and the critically ill.
  • Blood Pressure ~ Used to monitor blood pressure in geriatric and critical patients.
  • Sterile surgical suite with isoflurane gas anesthesia and blood oxygen monitoring systems.  The isolation ward is used to treat any infectious illnesses or for immuno-compromised patients.
  • Digital Radiology ~ Used to visualize and diagnose many illnesses involving the skeleton and internal organs.
  • Vet Ed Tablets ~ New technology that takes advantage of wireless computers, enabling us to have full access at anytime to all computer records and charts.
  • Exotics/Birds ~ Comprehensive care for a variety of exotic pets and birds offered by Dr. Lorang.
  • Boarding ~ Our newly remodeled kennel facility and doggy daycare provide a spacious country setting for your pets stay.