Here’s a shortlist of tips that will help you to quickly housebreak your new puppy!
Use a Crate To Housebreak Your Dog

The easiest and most effective potty training method is crate training. Crate training works because it taps into the puppy’s natural den instinct.

You want your puppy to start out with the size kennel he or she will use as an adult – you should only have to buy one crate. Putting boxes in the back of the kennel when your puppy is little can create the small den environment your puppy will need until he or she grows.

To help subdue separation anxiety and encourage self-soothing, find an old t-shirt or pillowcase, use it once to get your smell on it then put it in the new puppy’s kennel. Having your smell with your puppy in the kennel will help your puppy feel safe and will result in more success.

Puppies Tend to Learn to Be Housebroken at 8 + Weeks Old

Some puppies take longer than others to be potty trained. Some will catch on in 8 weeks, others take longer. Do not give up!

Your puppy should be able to hold it for about one hour every month of age.

Take Your Puppy Outside 30 Minutes After They Eat or Drink

Puppies need to go potty about a half-hour after they eat or drink anything. However, some need to go immediately after they eat or drink. Always take your puppy out to potty immediately after coming out of their crate, after they wake up and after they stop playing. Allow the puppy plenty of opportunities to go potty outside. Besides going potty after eating or drinking, it is a good idea to let them try every 1 to 2 hours until you are sure they can hold it longer.

Do Not Free Feed Your Dog

Free- feeding your puppy will likely become a problem in the long run. It can lead to obesity as the puppy gets older, and the lack of a feeding schedule will make calculating when the puppy has to go potty very difficult. There are exceptions to this rule.