Veterinary Curiosities







Soft Palette

IMG_6074 This is what a soft palette sounds like.

Gross Nose

Gross nose (not really the name) is actually an autoimmune disease. Which means the dogs own immune system is attacking the basal layer of cells under the tough nose tissue and causing the tissue to fall off. Yes it can be controlled.

Fox Snake

This a big fox snake that lived around Dr. Rich's house (outside) for a number of years before she was killed by a good samaritan. Unfortunately for the snake, most people do not like them and assume you want them removed. In Dr. Rich's case while he feels no ill-will...

Guinea Pig

This guinea pig had a broken leg. The device on the leg is a Schroder Thomas splint. The splint stretches out the leg by pulling the ankle away from the hip and preventing rotation and increasing stability. The splint came off in four weeks and the leg had healed


This chameleon had trauma to his tongue, which now will not retract.


This a large ulcerated tumor on a dog.