Bruce Minnick

Countryside is a great place, staffed with knowledgeable, professional, and happy people. Dr. Lorang and his staff are fast to respond with timely, professional and accurate medical help, all while being compassionate to both patient and owner.

I emailed a question and was shocked to hear back from the Dr. himself!!!

Dr. Rich performed surgery on my Yorkie for luxating patella and she came out splendidly!!! The entire staff took very good care of her and even provided text/pic message updates during surgery and recovery!!! Now that’s customer/patient care!

My Yorkies and I love this place!!! Thank you Countryside!!!


Suzannah Ciernia


Countryside Animal hospital has consistently provided excellent care and service for our pets through the years. At this last visit our curious cat needed surgery for a swallowed object and was to be discharged the same day. But Rich decided after checking him over that it would be a good idea to keep him overnight at no charge just to monitor, which was another example of the great customer service we’ve always received. The follow-up calls were also much appreciated. I would highly recommend Countryside to anyone needing quality vet care, caring staff, and good value.


Keith McCorkell


I have had to take my cat to Countryside on two occasions. Outstanding care provided!!! The staff are the best!!! I believe they genuinely love and care deeply about the animals that they care for. I feel that this is not a job for these wonderful people but, rather it is a heartfelt vocation. I recommend Countryside to everyone!!! 

Brittany Glynn


Dr. Rich and the staff at Countryside Animal Hospital are fantastic! We’ve been bringing our family dogs to Countryside for over 15 years. The pricing is incredibly reasonable and they don’t push unnecessary medications or multiple tests/procedures as other vets tend to do. The Countryside vets and staff are also very knowledgeable, friendly, and great with the dogs (even when we’ve had very anxious or stressed dogs). I do not live in Minnesota anymore, although my parents still bring their dogs to Countryside, but I wish I had a vet like Dr. Rich and his staff where I am now! Great service, great cost, great people, and great care for your pets and furry family members!

Lorraine Larkin


So friendly. Very gentle with my cat. Would not hesitate to take her there again.

Julie Novak

Dr. Trebelhorn has been absolutely amazing with Tobie. She helped us figure out that he has an allergy to poultry which took months. She is patient, kind and is very good at explaining everything.The staff is also very friendly and helpful! I would recommend them to anyone with an animal.

Steve Moses

We have always had a good experience here. The vets are very kind and explain all options. Staff are people who obviously love animals. Our dog isn’t afraid to go in.

Briana Donaldson


Great staff. Helpful and do well to explain everything – diagnosis, options, and outcomes.

Kara Voigt


We LOVE Countryside Animal Hospital! The staff is amazing – super nice and very helpful! They go above and beyond the call of duty for sure. I once called after hours when our 12 week old pup was puking all day and one of the vets called me back and spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone with me try to work through what might be going on. We have been super impressed with the service and care and will continue to bring our dog there fore many years to come :o)


Lisa Klossner


Dr. Rich and staff at Countryside Animal Hospital are Amazing! The pricing is very reasonable and they don’t push any unnecessary medications or multiple test/ procedures as other vets do. Dr. Rich and staff are also very knowledgeable and friendly, they handled my dog with great care (even though she was very anxious and excited) Dr. Rich sat right on the floor and played with my dog and got her to calm right down! They took the time to get to know my dog and to answer any of my questions or concerns. Awesome service, great cost, friendly people, and great care for your pets!!
I have also recently boarded my dog at their kennel, it was my dogs first time away from home. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, they made her feel at home and took very good care of her. The staff are always very friendly and helpful at both the clinic and the kennels. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

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