Used to reside in Edina, St. Paul, and Jordan


Virginia was born in Bronxville, NY and lived in Edina, St. Paul, Jordan and Northfield.  Virginia is married to Dr. Rich Lorang, Countryside’s medical director.


Virginia has been in accounting her whole life, a skill that has served her well as Countryside’s Office Administrator.  She enjoys her work at Countryside because it gives her a chance to review the systems in place to deliver great care.


Annual Preventative Dentistry for Her Dog


Virginia and Rich have two pets at home.  Rudy is a 4 year old English Cocker Spaniel with a delightful personality, but poor eating habits that require him to have professional dental cleanings once a year. Stella is their two-year-old boston Terrier.  She has a very spunky personality and requires on-going training to keep her in her proper place ‘within the pack.


Believes in the Value of Preventative Dentistry for Dogs and Cats


When asked to pick a service of the practice that Virginia believes is especially important, she picks preventative dentistry.  As stated above, her dog Rudy has to have a cleaning once a year.  It’s the one thing that makes cuddling with him bearable!  She also once owned a rat terrier who lived to be 17 years old. Virginia believes its because she and Rich made every effort to keep the dog’s teeth clean.


Loves to Spin Wool and Knit!


Virginia is a big advocate for a clean Minnesota.  She  loves being outside; loves hiking and boating.  She’s also a closeted textile buff.  Rich and she used to keep sheep, llamas and alpacas that they sheered every year.  Virginia uses the wool to spin and knits with it.  How’s that for a hobby!


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October 11, 2017