Dr. Signe Wass

Dr. Signe Wass


Born in Fargo and Raised in Underwood


Signe Wass, DVM has been practicing at Countryside since 2004. Born in Fargo and subsequently raised on a farm in Underwood, MN, Dr. Wass completed her undergraduate degree at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul.  She obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Minnesota in 2001.  She loves veterinary medicine and hopes to practice it her entire life.


Sheep, Chickens, Cats, Oh My!


Dr. Wass and her husband raise commercial sheep and Buff Orpington and Black Wyandotte layer hens.  She also owns two indoor cats, Willie and Kate (great at catching mice, btw) and a Ragdoll cat named Oscar who is a beauty.


Customized Veterinary Care


Dr. Wass especially enjoys practicing feline and preventative medicine at Countryside Animal Hospital.  One of her favorite parts of her job is customizing her medical approach to the individual animal and their environment. Whether it is a working/hunting dog, a therapy dog, an outdoor-always-mousing cat, Dr. Wass can tailor a medical treatment plan that meets everyone’s needs.


Fear Free Veterinary Visits are a Specialty


Dr. Wass is our go-to expert on how to keep cats calm during their veterinary visit, feline diabetes and dental disease in all pets.  With the working dogs she sees at the practice, she focuses on affordable, smart ways to keep them healthy, feeling great and parasite free.


Additional Information


Dr. Wass enjoys her life on her hobby farm with her husband, Tim, who is also a veterinarian and professor at the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Wass has two daughters, Solveigh and Svea.


Extracurricular activities include running, reading, gardening, and playing the piano.   She also enjoys attending her daughters’ dance performances and watching them show sheep and chickens in 4H.




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October 9, 2017