Dr. Caitlin Trebelhorn

Dr. Caitlin Trebelhorn

Caitlin Trebelhorn, DVM  graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in Auburn, Alabama in 2015.  A Northfield native and 2006 graduate from Northfield High School, Dr. Trebelhorn completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2010.


A Life of Veterinary Medicine

Before she became a veterinarian, Dr. Trebelhorn worked at or shadowed with veterinary clinics since she was 16 years old.  She was a kennel manager in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin while in undergrad, and undertook a job as a lab chemist in 2010 prior to her acceptance into Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

During her veterinary training, Dr. Trebelhorn enjoyed working with both large and small animals.  She also completed an internship at the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville, Minnesota, where she treated small mammals, turtles, song birds, raptors, corvids.

Dr. Trebelhorn enjoys the daily challenge and variety of cases she encounters in veterinary medicine. Her primary interests include preventative medicine, internal medicine, and emergency care. She is passionate about client communication and enjoys working with families and their pets through all life stages.


Owns Three Cats and One Dog

Dr. Trebelhorn has quite an animal menagerie at home. Rory, Hattie, and Meredith are domestic shorthair cats who love to sit by a warm fireplace, cuddling on the couch, and watching the birds and squirrels outside their windows. Annie is an American Pit Bull Terrier Mix who loves to hike, sunbathe, and to wear her assortment of knit sweaters.


Prevention is Key In Helping Pets Live Longer and Healthier Lives

As Dr. Trebelhorn says, “I’m a strong believer in preventative medicine as the best medicine. Physical examinations, vaccinations and preventative dentistry are the backbone of keeping our pets happy and healthy. I firmly believe that through preventative care I can offer my patients the very best in medicine while saving my clients cost and heartache. Many of the chronic diseases that we encounter in veterinary medicine may not show symptoms until the disease is quite progressed. Routine physical examinations and preventative testing can help us identify diseases early on and lead to better treatment options before symptoms become debilitating or life threatening.”


A Little About Her ‘Off’ Time

When not working as a veterinarian, Dr. Trebelhorn hiking, gardening, reading, and  spending time with husband Brendon.  She is a self-proclaimed friend to pollinators and a fan of rain gardens.  She loves the ocean and the mountains, traveling with her husband, and spending time with her large family, especially her  niece and nephews.  She enjoys being part of the Northfield and Dundas communities and looks forward to taking care of your loved one!




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October 9, 2017