Keri is a certified veterinary technician that was born and raised in Minnesota.  As a young(er) adult, she spent time living and working in Arizona and Massachusetts, but she believes that her home here in Northfield is where she’ll remain for the rest of her life.


Keri received her associate’s degree of applied science in veterinary technology from Argosy University in 2011.  Immediately upon graduation, she sat for her boards, passed, and has been working as a CVT in small animal clinics ever since.


A Lab Mix and A Rat Terrier


Keri has a few pets.  Lily is a 4 year old Labrador-Golden Retriever mix.  Lily and Keri actually met at Countryside Animal Hopitalc when she and her other siblings came in for their puppy vaccines.  Lucy is an 8-year old rat terrier mix that has a history of pretty bad dental disease and other oral issues.  Lucy was a surrendered dog that Keri met during her last semester of tech school.


Booger the Cat


Keri also owns a cat, named (she’s embarrassed to admit), Booger.  Keri met Booger at the first clinic she ever worked at.  He arrived as a tiny, sick, weak…and…very ‘boogery’ kitten.  Against the odds, he survived and after he spent several months living at the clinic, Keri finally caved and took him home. He’s been healthy and happy ever since.


Why Flea Prevention is Important


Keri thinks that flea prevention is very important for all pets.  She’s seen too many cases where pet owners discover that their pet is infested and then realize that the whole house…not just the pet…has to be treated for the infestation.  Additionally, Keri doesn’t think that enough people know that fleas carry parasites like tapeworms, that compound the infection in all pets.


Healthy Pets and a Healthy Community


Keri enjoys her role as a certified technician because of the care that she can provide pets, but also because she looks at herself as a kind of public health advocate.  She believes that prevention keeps pets living longer healthier lives and keeps the society in which they live protected and healthy as well.


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October 9, 2017