Jess is a certified veterinary technician and Countryside’s office manager.


A Certified Tech and Office Manager


She is a graduate of Northfield High School and the Minnesota School of Business in Shakopee where she graduated with an associate’s degree in veterinary technology.

Jess has been with the practice Since 2010 and loves it.  She enjoys the ability to float between many jobs at Countryside…from her role as manager, to client care specialist, to her favorite, a certified nurse for the patients at Countryside.


Owns an American Eskimo, Shih Tzu mix, and Chihuahua


Jess owns an 11 year old American Eskimo, a 7 year old Shih Tzu poodle mix and Lilo, a 12 year old chihuahua.  Those of you that have senior pets should reach out to Jess for thoughts on senior wellness care, of which she is a big fan.  She’s also a huge advocate for preventative dentistry.

All of Jess’s pets were rescued from the local impound, which is located at Countryside Animal Hospital. Beau only has 7 teeth left because upon rescue he had stage 4 dental disease (the worst possible grade) and needed to have 17 teeth extracted during his first dental procedure.

Bella was diagnosed with urinary stones, which are currently managed with Royal Canin SO, a prescription diet formulated specifically for that medical condition.

When Lilo was first rescued, she suffered from a serious infection called a pyometra, a condition typically seen in dogs that are not spayed.

The good news is that under Jess’s supervision and Countryside’s care all of her pets are doing great.

Jess married her high school sweetheart and has 3 beautiful kids.  She enjoys camping, spending quiet time in nature, and going on adventures with her family!


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October 9, 2017