Lived in Bloomington and Randolph


Originally from Bloomington, Michelle now lives in Randolph.  She has been doing customer service for more than 15 years and loves it.  As a receptionist at Countryside, Michelle gets a chance to be the first point of contact with every client that walks in the door.  She enjoys this opportunity to be the first face that everyone sees and being in a position to help so many people.


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers!


Michelle and her family have three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  Twister is 11 and is currently under medical management for his chronic arthritis.  Riley is an 8 year old rescue that was brought into her family when she was only 2.  Riley had some behavioral anxiety when she joined Michelle’s household.  She didn’t like kids!  It was a full year of training before Riley was fully integrated into the household.  Last is Kain.  He’s 4. Kain is the son of Twister and Riley.  Kain is a healthy, rambunctious youth.


Three Cats and Snake


Then we have the cats.  There are three total…all rescues.  Spooke (8), Hemi (4) and Lulu (10).  Oh, and a snake, Diamond.  Diamond is a California King Snake.  He’s been in the family for 11 years!



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October 9, 2017