A Graduate of the Veterinary Technology Program at Rochester Community


Cindy, CVT,  officially joined our team in September 2014. Many of you may know her from being our intern or from our kennel. She attended Rochester Community & Technical College where she graduated in May 2013 with an associates degree in veterinary technology.  She passed her boards and became certified in July 2013.


While Cindy really likes her work at Countryside, she has her long term sights on a owning a cattle farm and further indulging her interest in owning a variety of animals.


Two Dogs: German Shepherd Mix and English Labrador Mix


She already has the beginnings of a great collection started.  There’s Ace, a Labrador-German Shepherd mix and Frank, an English Labrador- Golden Retriever mix, both are adorable, well behaved dogs.


Why You Should Have Your Pet’s Stool Tested For Parasites


Cindy is a big promoter of annual parasite testing.  She reminds clients that parasites are easily transmitted in areas like public trails, back yards, dog parks and so forth.  Families with young children should be especially careful to keep their dogs and cats on year-round parasite prevention.


Cindy grew up on a farm with two older siblings and two terrific parents.  She enjoys giving her free time over to her family to help out with chores on the farm or simply reading or watching movies.


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October 29, 2017