Born in Duluth, Now Lives in Faribault


Brehanna, CVT, joined Countryside in February 2012.   Born in Duluth, she and her family moved to Faribault when she was 7.


A Graduate of Globe University


Brehanna graduated from Globe University with an associate’s degree of applied sciences- veterinary technician. She is proud of the fact (and we are too) that she worked full time during her education and covered the cost of her schooling entirely by herself.  It’s that kind of attitude that makes Brehanna a joy to know and to be around. She is a regular source of inspiration for our entire team.


After earning her degree in 2010, Brehanna worked briefly for Banfield before joining the Countryside team.  Now, with more experience under her belt, she is considering certification in a specialty like physical therapy and rehabilitation for dogs and cats.


Owns a Labrador Mix and Two Domestic Shorthair Cats


Brehanna has a Labrador mix named Raider and 2 domestic short haired cats, Nugget and Grimmalkin.  Raider recently had a cruciate repair done on his knee.  The orthopedic surgery was done by Dr. Rich Lorang, Countryside’s medical director.


The Important of Heartworm Prevention


The veterinary services at Countryside that Brehanna is most passionate about are year-round flea, tick and heartworm prevention for dogs and cats.  Brehanna has nursed several dogs with heartworm disease and witnessed first hand how hard the treatment is on everyone involved, so it’s important to her that clients understand the value of the medicine. She is also a big promoter of the vaccines we have to protect pets against leptospirosis and rabies.


When not working directly with our patients, Brehanna enjoys working in our in-house diagnostic laboratory where she tests blood samples and studies blood cell morphology.  She also enjoys testing for parasites.


Brehanna has been married since 2014.  She and her husband are expecting their first child in December of 2017.


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October 9, 2017