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here can I get my dog’s shots?

At Countryside Animal Hospital we know firsthand the benefits of routine vaccinations for dogs and cats.  Diseases that used to commonly infect and kill our pets, including distemper and rabies viruses are now rarely encountered.  These infectious diseases didn’t just go away.  They’re uncommon because of the power and efficacy of vaccines!  While this is wonderful news for our pets, it gives a false sense of security to the true danger lurking outside, as these diseases are still common in our wild animal populations.  At Countryside, we consider each individual animal and their unique lifestyle to tailor a vaccine regimen that is right for them.  For dogs, we consider Distemper, Rabies, Lyme and Leptospirosis vaccinations as ‘core’ due to the high risk of infection in our area.  For cats, Distemper and Rabies vaccines are ‘core’ for both indoor and outdoor cats, while  Feline Leukemia vaccination is strongly recommended for any cat that spends time outside no matter how limited.  For help in determining what vaccinations are right for your pet, please contact our team and use the hyperlinks for more information.



The Value of Preventative Care in Companion Animals


Keeping pets well is infinitely better than waiting until they’re showing signs of disease.  At Countryside, we strongly believe in the value of proactive healthcare, as opposed to reactive healthcare for our pets.  With routine physical examinations, proper dental care, and early disease detection screens, we can help keep your pets healthy, happy, and pain-free. Addressing issues before they become debilitating or life-threatening is not only beneficial for our pets health, it also tends to be less expensive for our clients.

We have negotiated special discounted lab rates to ensure that early disease detection screens are accessible to all of our clients.  Results from these tests not only alert us to disease at its earliest stages, but also allow us to make lifestyle changes to head off disease we may see on the horizon.



Protect Your Family


The Northfield area has a high tick and flea population and many dogs and cats test positive for external or internal parasites making year round protection essential.  This isn’t just for your pet, but your entire family.  Dogs and cats that are not on our tick, flea and intestinal parasite program can carry disease into your home and put your family at risk of infection.  The Center for Disease Control has much to say on the topic of regular parasite screening and prevention.  Please check out this article by the Companion Animal Parasite Council on the benefits of year round flea and tick prevention as well.  At Countryside, we regularly negotiate special pricing and promotion on products that prevent flea and tick infestation.  Please ask us about these costs savings when you come for a visit.




Reactive veterinary care is the worst possible option for pets and pet owners.  Waiting till your dog or cat is showing signs of illness will weaken your pet, potentially shorten its life span, and decrease its quality of life.  Treatment for animals who are sick is more expensive, more stressful, and less successful.  Alternatively, prevention is affordable, virtually stress-free, and almost guaranteed to extend the quality and length of your pet’s life.



In Dakota County, 1 of 70 pets tested are positive for Roundworms