Pet’s With Healthy Mouths Live Longer and Feel Better


Most dogs and cats will require at least two professional dental cleanings in their lifetime, with some animals requiring dental cleanings each year.  Ultrasonic teeth cleaning, available at Countryside Animal Hospital, removes years of plaque and tartar build up which is one of the main causes of chronic infection and gingivitis.  Dental cleanings allow our trained staff to perform thorough oral health examinations, including full mouth digital x-rays, which help detect disease above and below the gum line.  Early detection of gingivitis, fractured teeth, or oral growths is critical for treatment success.



Essential Part of Preventative Health


Few pet owners would question the need to treat a skin lesion, hurt paw, or an infected ear on their pet, yet few of us look inside our pets’ mouths and acknowledge that there is an ongoing infection that requires treatment.  Gingivitis, fractured teeth or oral growths in pets (and in humans) cause pain,  may affect appetite and the ability to chew food, and in some cases lead to bacterial infections in the heart, kidney and liver.



Brushing Helps


There are plenty of videos on YouTube that instruct pet owners how to brush their pet’s teeth.  Some are hysterical as well as instructive.  Your pet likely sleeps in your bed, sits with you on the couch, and rides with you in the car.  Regular brushing and periodic professional teeth cleaning ensures that the breath their blowing in your face during those activities is bearable.  You can stay close to the pet that you love!



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