New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well we all made our resolutions already and now its time to make one for our pets as well.  Many of us know the struggle of keeping our animals on track weight wise.  We know its a hard time of year to be motivated to go for a walk but our animals need the activity just as much as we do! So put your winter clothes on you and your pup and hit the pavement!!  Is your dog begging you for treats? A healthy, yummy snack to try is carrots!

For those of you with overweight cats, try feeding them in multiple spots around the house so they have to work for their food. Feed the same amount they usually get but just distribute it between more places, a bit of a scavenger hunt if you will! P.S the more stairs you put in their hunt the better.  Toys that will get your cat running and playing are the best kind.

Countryside Animal Hospital is open 8am-5pm for free weight checks Mon-Fri, for both dogs and cats!