Love in the Air and Chocolate to Spare

February is a time for love, flowers and chocolates!  With all the extra chocolate laying around the house, dogs (labs in particular), seem to get into it.

I know there are a lot of horror stories out there about how chocolate is really bad for dogs. There are different kinds of chocolate, some worse than others. Unsweetened baking chocolate, and dark chocolate being the worst kinds. Milk chocolate being the best.

I want to ease your mind a bit. Dogs have to ingest a lot of milk chocolate to have any major side effects.

The most common side effects to eating milk chocolate are:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhea (the larger amount of chocolate ingested, the larger amount of diarrhea!)
    1. If this happens, make sure they are drinking their water and KEEP them OFF the CARPET!!  You are in for a couple days of frequent walks!

The smaller the dog the less amount of chocolate they have to ingest for side effects to start showing up.

A 10 pound dog needs to eat 1.5 oz of unsweetened dark chocolate for it to be toxic

A 60 pound dog needs to eat 8 oz of unsweetened dark chocolate for it to be toxic

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