Holiday Cheer and Something Beware:


As the holidays approach, there is an increase in human food consumption in our dogs. Oh it's the holidays, Ruffles deserves to have some of this awesome food too, is a common thought process for everyone around the holidays! 

I am here to give a forewarning:

A large fatty meal goes through the stomach, first part of the intestine, and filters through the pancreas making it secrete its digestive enzymes too soon!! This makes the enzymes digest the pancreas instead of the food!!  This can cause an abscess on the pancreas or even diabetes!

Some signs of pancreatitis:

1) Nausea

2) Painful abdomen (they will go into a prayer pose to stretch their uncomfortable abdomen)

3) Vomiting

So please, if Ruffles needs some holiday cheer please give him something dog friendly!