Why Pet Insurance?

Trupanion medical insurance for your pet We never want our clients to be in the situation to have to choose between what is best for their pet and the cost of recommended treatment or diagnostics from their veterinarian.

Recently, Countryside Animal Hospital staff were introduced to a wonderful pet insurance company, Trupanion.  This company is the fastest growing pet insurance company with many great benefits that include:

One Simple Plan- Pet insurance can get pretty complicated when you have to sort through several plans and levels. At Trupanion, they want to make it simple and easy to understand. Their comprehensive policy covers surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, treatments and hospital stays if your pet gets sick or injured. They also reimburse from your actual veterinary bill so you don’t have to worry about a predetermined benefit schedule.

Depending on your specific budget and situation, you have the option to choose your own pet health insurance deductible, including the option for no deductible at all. It’s completely flexible and up to you.

90% Coverage- Trupanion covers 90% of actual veterinary costs for approved accident and illness claims, less the exam fee and optional deductible. Full 90% coverage is available at any veterinary hospital, emergency care center or specialty hospital.

No Payout Limits- With Trupanion, your pet receives unlimited lifetime pet insurance coverage. Trupanion does not impose any per incident limits, annual limits, or lifetime limits on the amount of care your pet can receive.

Because there are no restrictive limits, you can choose optimal veterinary care for your pet in times of need without having the worry of reaching various limits. They strive to make coverage simple for a policyholder so that you do not need to face the possibility of hitting a financial ceiling or having to "ration" coverage allowances. They are pet owners and pet lovers too, which is why they want to help you provide the best treatment for your dog or cat in case an accident or illness should occur.

With pet medical insurance coverage from Trupanion, you don’t have to worry about any caps, limits, or restrictions. This means you can focus on providing your pet with the best medical care possible to ensure they live a happy and healthy life!

No age related premium increases- Do not go up just because your pet has a birthday!

Trupanion has offered our clinic Free 30 day no obligation trials for our clients! After you have an exam you can start your trial and activate it immediately! If after the 30 days you decide you do not want the coverage, there is nothing you have to do, it just stops.

We believe that by offering pet insurance to our clients and their furry friends we are able to recommend and perform the best medicine without having to make hard decisions because of cost.

If you have any questions or would like to get your Free 30 day trial, please call Countryside Animal Hospital at 507-645-4522 to schedule an exam.