Tips for taking a good picture of your pet.

Pet owners love their pets and enjoy taking pictures of them. How many times have you tried to take a picture of "Fluffy" only to be dissappointed in how it turned out? There are some basics that when followed, will improve your photograpy skills of animals. Get on your pet's level : Avoid towering over your pet as you take their picture. Lowering the camera creates more interest with the pet.

Use the entire frame: Get close enough so you fill the entire frame of the picture. Avoid taking the picture with the pet being in the dead center. Use the rule of thirds - 1/3 the ball, 1/3 the head, 1/3 the body.

Let there be light: Early or late in the day is better lighting conditions for taking pictures. Avoid the day in which there are no clouds, this will create too many dark shadows. A cloudy day is best.

Puppy pictures: It's hard to screw up a puppy picture because they are so very cute, BUT, it is also hard to take a puppy's picture because they are not very good at SIT and STAY.