Housetraining Made Easy

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What can be more annoying than the pup who insists on doing their business on our carpets or kitchen floors? No bones about it, crate training is the ticket. It is very important to get your dog used to their crate in advance of them sleeping in it. I suggest you leave the crate in a centralized area of your home. Perhaps the kitchen. The puppy should be allowed to go "in" and "out" of the crate on their own as they explore without the door being slammed shut behind them. You can even lead a puppy into the crate/kennel with a treat while saying "kennel". Don't forget to give lots of praise each time they enter. The dog will soon learn the new command and happily enter it. Another idea is to feed your puppy in his crate to get him used to good things happening in their small little pen. When you see the pup enter the crate more frequently, you can begin shutting the gate for very short moments. A comforting voice will ease the puppy as they spend time behind the closed door. These "locked" visits can gradually be extended during a week's time. A goal of a 30 minute stay in the crate during the day is reasonable.

Now you are ready to use the crate for housetraining. Your puppy should sleep in the crate at night. Keep the crate in the same bedroom as you sleep in so they don't feel alone. If you are home during the day, carry the crate into the room you are in for the same reason. When the puppy sleeps for a bit and wakes, wisk him outside to their special potty place. Pick the same place everytime if possible. This will train the puppy where they can go potty. I suggest keeping a pair of shoes and coat close by if potty training in cold weather. Remember the cardinal rules of potty training - the puppy will potty almost everytime they wake up - the puppy will potty almost every time they have a meal - bring the pup outside every 20 to 30 minutes during play sessions.

Keep in mind that puppies have very small bladders with little control. They are NOT trying to ruin your day by soiling the carpet. The puppy bladder will gain strength in a few short weeks. Be consistent and patient.