Answers from Annie - "Does your pet have Superhuman Senses?"

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Dear Dog Lovers, Have you ever been amazed at how hard it is to sneak open a potato chip bag in your house without attracting a dog within seconds? Ever notice how we dogs hear our master's car coming down the road a block away? I'd like to think it's Superhuman Senses, but actually it's just how we are wired.


Canine ears whether they stand up or droop over, capture more sounds at greater distances and wider frequencies than human ears. My favorite word that I can hear from almost a mile away is "treat."  People  can hear sounds in a frequency range between 63 and 23,000 Hz. Dogs can hear in ranges between 67 and 45,000 Hz, but they take a backseat to the family cat in hearing abilities. Cats can capture sounds between 45 and 64,000 Hz, making them much better at tuning in to a mouse in the house. But, I ask the question "Will a cat come when it's called?"


The ability to hear is strong, but takes second place to a dog's ability to smell. Olfactory cells inside the canine nose along with hair help trap scents. People have about 5 million olfactory receptor cells compared with more than 100 million in dogs. Although I may smell worse than humans at times (before my bath), I smell about a million times better than them.


Your pal,