Meet Lucy the Hedgehog!

  Lucy is a 7 month old Hedgehog who came to us in need of a nail trim.  Lucy was a little shy about letting us take a good look at her, (especially her little toes), due to the natural way that Hedgehogs curl up into a ball when they are threatened or scared.  We decided that using a safe gas anesthetic would be less stressful for her and safer for us to be able to handle her.  To our surprise, Lucy was not very shy about getting into our “exotic animal jar”, that we use to gas them down in.  She climbed right in!  We were able to successfully trim her nails and examine her and she did a great job!  Thank you to her owner Sarah for letting me be a part of her visit today, as this was my first experience as a tech handling a Hedgehog!  It was very exciting and I am looking forward to seeing Lucy come in for her future visits!