Life of a tennis ball

The wooshing sound of air escaping the pressurized can could be heard, felt, and smelled. The can held 3 optic green tennis balls. Each ball had a name, Roy, Saul, and Mel. They were rolled out of the can and plopped happily onto the court. Each ball took their turn being hit back and forth, then back again. Life was good for Roy, Saul, and Mel. After a few weeks, these optic spheres were left alone in a bucket in a cool damp garage. Days turned to months, and months turned to years. What a sad existence. The only joy they received was the clatter of an occasional garage sale or spring cleaning. Each time, the boys were left untouched and unloved. When things appeared most bleek, Roy, Saul, and Mel got the chance they had been waiting for. The entire bucket in which they had lived so sadly, had been donated to Countryside Animal Hosptal & Kennels. From day one, Roy was carried about in the mouths of many dogs. Saul loved being thrown about and chased after. Mel never grew old of all the attention he received by the pups. Their only complaint was the occassional "bad breath" of a Springer Spaniel named Julius, and the feeling of dampness on their bodies at the end of the day. These were small sacrifices for Roy, Saul, and Mel.