Miracle of Birth Center at the MN State Fair

Come join me at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center at the "Great Minnesota get-together." I'll be working there tonight from 5-9 PM, explaining farm animal babies to the public. See the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association's (MVMA) Miracle of Birth Center webpage to track the progress of all the new arrivals.

The Miracle of Birth Center is celebrating its 11th year and is staffed by volunteer veterinarians from the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association, veterinary students from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the University of Minnesota, and members of the National FFA organization.

This display, the most popular attraction at the fair, educates the public on the vital role that animal agriculture and veterinary medicine plays in the state of Minnesota. With live births and newborn farm animals, including cows, pigs, chicks, sheep and ducks, the display highlights the importance of animals to our economy, health, and quality of life.