Countryside Animal Hospital adds countryside kennels

You may not have noticed the Kennels tab on our new website's navigation menu but it's there, along with a boarding reservation request page. Kennels at Countryside Animal Hospital

We're delighted to have added kennels to our business, and to have Michael Gunderson as our general manager.  You'll be seeing blog posts by Michael soon.

Last week's Northfield Patch has an article titled Countryside Kennels Reopens in Rural Northfield:

Dog and cat owners will be glad to know that Countryside Kennels in rural Northfield reopened Aug. 1. The kennel facility, now owned by Dr. Rich and Virginia Lorang of Countryside Animal Hospital, is a new branch of the animal hospital. The vet clinic, located in Dundas, and the kennel will operate under the name Countryside Animal Hospital & Kennels.

Funny thing is many people already thought the two businesses were combined because of “Countryside” in their names.  Over the years, Deb Graff, who owned and operated Countryside Kennel until last fall, and Dr. Rich Lorang and his staff at Countryside Animal Hospital redirected many phone calls to the “other” Countryside business.

The kennels at CountrysideBe sure to read the whole article... and to see all the photos and info on the kennels page.

If you have a kennel-related question, don't hesitate to contact kennels general manager Michael Gunderson via phone at 507-645-5051 or email. Or you can use the form on our Contact Us page.