Cancer Treatment


Cancer is as common in animals as it is in humans and we can help your pet if he or she is diagnosed with a it.  We perform surgery and chemotherapy treatments here in our clinic.  Along with our in-house care, we also have access to specialists at The University of Minnesota for more specialized cases.


Chemotherapy in Pets


In addition to existing drugs, researchers are constantly working to improve the efficacy of cancer therapies and and to improve animals’ (and humans’) reactions to them.  You can read more about one such success story involving a new cancer drug for dogs that was developed here in Minnesota.


Treating Dog and Cat Cancer with Radiation


Although we do not have the ability to treat dogs or cat cancers with radiation at our facility, we can direct you to hospitals that provide such care.  You can read more about the cancer treatment options available at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Oncology Department here.


Treating Hyperthyroidism in Cats Using Radioactive Iodine


Although feline hyperthyroidism is not a cancer, we thought we would mention that a radioactive therapy to treat it is available to cats diagnosed with this condition.  Countryside does not provide this service at our practice, but we can direct you to the Veterinary School at the University of Minnesota where such treatment can be administered.  If you have a cat diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and you want more information on radioactive iodine, you can read the information provided by the University of Minnesota on the topic.